Joel 2:25-26, “And I will restore to you the years that the locust hath eaten, the cankerworm, and the caterpillar, and the palmerworm, my great army which I sent among you. And ye shall eat in plenty, and be satisfied, and praise the name of the LORD your God, that hath dealt wondrously with you: and my people shall never be ashamed”

I want to salute and congratulate you.  “You made it” into 2017. Your portion this month and for the rest of the new year is “Complete Restoration”. Joel 2:25-26 is your portion IJN.  This scripture is a missile for the termination of the losses, disappointments, delays, denials and misfortunes of the past years in a man’s life. By His Word, you will get back all that has been stolen or taken away from your life IJN.  God’s word has the guarantee and secured assurance of restoration for any loss whatsoever a man has suffered at any time in life’s journey – Hallelujah!

Hear what God says – Hag. 2:6-8, “the glory of the latter house shall be greater (surpass, more glorious) than the former…”. As the Lord of heaven liveth, in this new year, the glory you have lost, by the mercy of the Lord, shall be restored. Be expectant this year. Satan is a thief.  He is the agent and sponsor of losses – Jn. 10:10, most importantly, God is a Restorer.

  • Nebuchadnezzar lost his glory for 7 years (Dan. 4:33-35), because of pride but, by the mercy of God, he was restored. Everything he had lost in 7 years was restored as if he had lost nothing. By the mercy of God, whatsoever you have lost over the years: glory, promotion, honor, health etc., the God of heaven shall restore IJN!
  • The sons of the prophet came to Elisha and said, the place we use to dwell is too small to us; 2 Kgs. 6:1-7. Elisha said, go ye. Let build a new sanctuary, go ahead. The servant told his father in the Lord, sir – you must go with us. Vs. 3. I will go. But as they were working, the axe head fell into the water…alas it was borrowed. Cast a stick and the axe head swim. It’s not an offense for wanting to expand or increase. God wants you to enlarge your coast, but you don’t know what you’ll meet on the road. Please come with us into 2017. I don’t know what work you’re doing and suddenly your axe head fell into the river. By the mercy of God, that cutting edge will swim again.
    • The cutting edge was lost not because he was out of the will of God, not that he sinned, but because the assignment was big. I don’t know what assignment you’re into and it seems the assignment is about to swallow you, by the mercy of God, you’re not alone.
    • They cried, master, it was borrowed, what is it that you borrowed that got lost? By the mercy of God, it shall be restored IJMN.
    • Thank God their prophet went with them, thank God they cried, master, alas it was borrowed. The master said. Where did your axe head fell, where did you lose your cutting edge? Why are you struggling today, what is it that is taken away from you?  The grace of God is in the house this month; you’ll recover all you’ve lost IJN.
    • Did you see what happened? The man of God cut a stick, drop it into water, the stick sank and the axe head swim. The Archimedes law of flotation was displaced; what was heavy floated and what was light sank. Wherever your anointing, health, favor, unction, ability to succeed has been buried, by the mercy of God, it will rise again.  It will rise again 7/x.
    • Every principle that has kept you down (law of gravity), there is a higher principle (law of aerodynamics) that will take you up and stay up.  It is displacing every other principle in Jesus’ name. One thing they did was they cried out…don’t allow what was buried to swallow you. Cry to the Master this month, you will recover all, IJN

The product of restoration is seen in Joel 2:25-27.  Give voice to God’s word today. Release the trigger of restoration from God’s word and your entire destiny shall be restored to its original color and glory (Psa. 8:5-6).


  • Begin to thank God for this new year and new month.  Thank Him for increasing His Strength, power and mercy unto you in 2017 and beyond IJN
  • Father, all that I have lost (opportunity, unction, promotion, favor etc.), let me recover them again in the name of Jesus Christ.
  • According to Joel 2:25-26, Oh God, please begin to restore to me the lost years of my life IJN.
  • Power for divine overtaking, divine speed, and divine settlement in all areas of my life, fall upon me this month IJN
  • Thou my heavens and my ground, begin to release your rain and increase unto me as from today IJN
  • I receive a restoration of my lost glory and my cutting edge, health and soundness. Let my hope will rise again, O Lord!
  • Begin to thank God for answered prayers!

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