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Pastor James Fadel

Special Assistant to the General Overseer & Chairman, the Redeemed Christian Church of God North America

By training James is an engineer having received in 1986 a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mathematics at the Western Michigan University and a consequent professional career with the Ford Motor company as a Mechanical Engineer. He rose to the position of Senior Design Engineer with key achievements in lead positions. In 1990, he obtained an MS Degree in Operations Research followed by an MBA Degree in 1993 at the Lawrence Technological University, Michigan. In 2005, his entrepreneurial acumen led him to start and operate a large car detailing company and two highly successful WENDY’S Franchise Restaurants in metropolitan Detroit, Michigan. James further obtained a Doctorate Degree in Ministry at Bakke Graduate University, Seattle, Washington in 2012.

Having committed his life to the Lord, Jesus Christ in 1973, James joined The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) in Nigeria in 1975 and continued to serve the Lord in the USA with a passion that culminated in a call to ministry. Being a mentee of the General Overseer of RCCG – Pastor E. A. Adeboye, James pioneered a fellowship in his basement in 1991 and this gave birth to the first Parish of RCCG in North America (RCCGNA) – Winner’s Chapel, Detroit in 1992. In 2001, James was appointed the Chairman, Board of Coordinators of RCCGNA, probably the fastest growing church group/organization in the USA. This appointment led to a relinquishing of all business endeavors and a subsequent relocation of his entire family to Dallas, TX in 2006 in full-time ministry with RCCGNA.

To date, under his leadership RCCGNA has grown to over 800 Parishes and hosts her annual events attended by thousands, at the over 800 acre campus in Floyd, Texas. He also works tirelessly to develop national programs to empower and enable Ministers and Workers to mature in their Christian walk and service. James has authored two books: 1. Right Leadership – Making Impact Today and 2. Your 4 Fathers and Their Kingdoms, both published in 2014. In recognition of the academic excellence of Dr. James Fadel, Bakke Graduate University, Seattle, WA appointed him in May, 2012 a Professor of Transformational Leadership with special emphasis on Global Immigrant Populations. By the grace of God he is happily married to Pastor Manita, a Pediatrician and they are blessed with three children – Tolani, Dara & Simi and by the leading of the Holy Spirit, Pastor James changed his last name from Fadele to Fadel (meaning “The Beloved” in the Hebrew language) in January 2015.